TAMA Starclassic Maple Exotix Pacific Walnut 22"BD 4pc Shell Kit ME42TZBSLEWB

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ama™s original Starclassic series revolutionized the way we think about building drums, inspiring the thin-shelled Maple movement that still reins supreme today. The company™s modern Starclassic Maple line continues to offer the same genre-defying, one-kit-fits-all appeal that helped make it one of the most popular professional-grade instruments in the world. Full tones characterized by heavy attack and rich presence that make these drums perfect for studio and stage work alike. 

This classic configuration features a shallower bass drum of 16x22", conventional sized small-tom with a somewhat deeper floor tom.The Starclassic Maple line includes Quick-Lock tom brackets and floor tom brackets. Originally developed for the company™s flagship STAR series, they offer lightning fast, locked-in set-ups and completely eliminate metal-to-metal contact. Combined with precision-cut bearing edges, die-cast hoops, the Star-Cast mounting system, and other innovative appointments, these upgrades help make Starclassic Maple drums ideal for players in search of a truly professional instrument. 

This EXOTIX Series features a meticulously applied exterior finish, Pacific Walnut, offering extraordinary visual depth”appealing to the eye without negatively affecting shell tone or resonance.

16x22"BD, 7x10"TT, 8x12"TT, & 16x16"FTTT/FT: 5ply Maple + 1 outer Pacific Walnut 5mmBD: 7ply Maple + 1 outer ply Pacific Walnut 7mmPacific Walnut EXOTIX Artisan FinishBlack Nickel shell hardwareQuick-Lock tom and floor tom bracketsStar-Cast mounting systemDie-Cast hoopsAir-Cushioned floor tom legsHold Tight washersEvans drum headsEmerald Pacific Walnut Burst