Warm Audio WA-CX12 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

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A faithful recreation of one of the most natural and balanced tube condenser microphones of all time, the WA-CX12 captures the true sound of sources and rooms with extreme accuracy. Used over and over again by some of the world’s most recognized engineers and artists, the original microphone stands out as open, airy, and natural. Pairing the CK12-style capsule with the large-core TAB-Funkenwerk USA output transformer helps the CX12 capture musical bass, organic mids, and polished high end.

Color: Silver
Connector Type: XLR
Directionality: Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, Unidirectional
Diaphragm Size: Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone with 9 Polar Patterns