SJC Tour Series 7x14" Blue Satin Stain Snare with Flat Black Hardware

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The Tour Series snare was designed for superior versatility and powerful tone. 7x14 maple ply shells make these drums rich with attack and resonance, perfect for any rock, punk and hardcore drummer. With a beautiful stain finish, they are ready for any tour, with any band, on any stage. The Tour Series snare is proudly handcrafted in the USA at the same factory in Massachusetts, by the same expert drum builders that bring the custom drums you know and love to life. We use all the same materials and techniques as we do on our custom creations. Our bearing edges are precision cut and hand honed to ensure your shells resonate and stay in tune perfectly. Every single drum is tuned and tested to make sure they leave the shop sounding incredible and ready to play out of the box. Since we build these in batches with the same specifications, we are able to keep these USA drums affordable, keeping the working musician in mind. 10-ply Maple Shell Blue Satin Stain Finish SJC Quick-Drop Throw Off Evans USA Heads 2.3mm Triple Flange Hoops 7x14 Snare Flat Black Hardware SJC,josh,pad,snare