SJC Goliath 7x13" 3.0mm Solid Brushed Bell Brass Snare with Chrome Hardware

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Dynamic and loud, the 3.0mm solid Goliath Bell Brass shell brings powerful, punchy tone when played hard yet gives smooth, sensitive response when played lightly. Overtones are controlled and lows are solid with crisp highs. Bell Brass is one of the most sought after shell types on the market making the Goliath a must-have for any studio and stage. Goliath Bell Brass custom snare drums are fully assembled in the SJC Drums factory in Massachusetts, USA. Every single drum is tuned and tested to make sure they leave the shop sounding incredible and ready to play out of the box. 3.0mm Solid Bell Brass Shell SJC Quick-Drop Throw Off Evans USA Heads 3.0mm Triple Flange Hoops Brushed Brass Finish Chrome Hardware SJC,josh,pad,snare