SJC Foundation Flatline Series Heavy Weight Straight

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SJC Foundation Hardware is made to withstand the needs of any drummer. They are the stable foundation you can trust. Heavy-duty double braced flat profile legs combine vintage style with modern strength to help you create a unique setup and show off your drum rig. Sturdy over-sized feet keep your stands grounded while gearless cymbal tilters give you infinite positioning adjustment. Heavy gauge tubing and hinged memory locks ensure fast, easy setup every gig as well as prevent leg collapse. Our Flatline Series straight cymbal stand is pro-quality with high performance features to keep you playing day-in and day-out. Heavy-duty double braced flat profile legs are strong and stable no matter your cymbal size or playing style Nylon insulation prevents metal-to-metal contact - no rattling in the studio or damaged chrome plating Hinged memory locks for easy and precise set up every gig Gearless cymbal tilter gives you infinite positioning adjustment Ergonomic wingnuts with embossed ¬ìF¬î logo for a comfortable and secure grip Exclusive oversized rubber feet that keep your stands in place 1 ¼¬î base, 1¬î middle, ¾¬î top tube diameters SJC,josh,pad,snare