SJC Element 6.5x14" 2.5mm Rolled Brushed Aluminum Snare with Reinforcement Rings and Chrome Hardware

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Some drummers demand loud and crisp tone from their snares when they play. The Element Aluminum snare shell features a thick 2.5mm raw aluminum shell with reinforcement rings to yield maximum tuning stability and powerful tone. With a crisp, shorter sustain and increased volume, the Element is the best option for some of today's modern genres. Element Aluminum custom snare drums are fully assembled in the SJC Drums factory in Massachusetts, USA. Every single drum is tuned and tested to make sure they leave the shop sounding incredible and ready to play out of the box. 2.5mm Rolled Aluminum Shell w/ Reinforcement Rings SJC Quick-Drop Throw Off Evans USA Heads 3.0mm Triple Flange Hoops Brushed Aluminum Finish Chrome Hardware SJC,josh,pad,snare