SJC Custom Drums Pathfinder Series 3-piece Shell Packs

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SJC created a shell pack that was easy on the wallet, full of SJC DNA, and of course, embodied a HUGE sound. The maple/mahogany shells give this kit warmth with tons of punch! Define your tone with the Pathfinder series.


-8x12, 14x16 Toms
-18x22 Bass Drum

-7-ply Maple + Mahogany Shells w/ double 45° bearing edges
-Satin stain finish

-Flat black hardware
-SJC shield lug, 1.6mm hoops
-Rack Toms include hanging mount, bracket & L-rod Clamp
-Floor tom comes with legs
-Drumheads by Evans

*Designed by SJC in Massachusetts, Hand crafted in Taiwan
*Specs subject to change without notice
*Stands & Cymbals sold separately