sE Electronics SPACE Vocal Shield

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The RF SPACE (Specialized Portable Acoustic Control Environment) marks another step forward for the professional tracking engineer. With a larger surface area, enhancement of sE’s patented multi-layer technology, deeper air gaps, and more efficient materials, the SPACE offers great full-bandwidth absorption, isolation, and diffusion to help you gain control over your acoustic environment. Larger than our industry-standard RF Pro and entry-level RF-X, the added size also makes the SPACE filter perfectly suited for larger microphones.

sE's Multi-layer Technology
Seven Vertical Bass Trap Pillars
Punched Aluminium Diffusor
Acoustic-Grade Wool Absorber
Tensioned Aluminum Foil Membrane Diffusor
Isolating Air Gap
Tensioned Aluminum Foil Membrane Diffusor
Acoustic Grade Wool Absorber
Polycarbonate Diffusor
Asymmetric Isolating Air Gaps
Patented Polyester Acoustic Fiberboard

New specialized mounting hardware allows the SPACE to be easily mounted on any microphone stand or drum hardware, with a full range of motion – adjustable and lockable horizontally, vertically, and tilted at any angle. This makes the SPACE utterly stable and effective in any recording environment.