sE Electronics DM3 Active Inline Ultra-HiZ DI

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The DM3 is an active inline DI with Ultra-HiZ input and an impressively compact design - built to stay by your side, so you always get the best out of your instruments!

Based on the well-established DYNAMITE technology used in the DM1 and DM2 - the DM3 reinvents the active inline DI to a new silent standard. Its Ultra-HiZ input and the dedicated Class-A output buffer amplifier preserve the individual sound character of your instrument with flawless detail. Ideal for sources ranging from vintage electric guitar / bass pickups to piezo-equipped acoustic instruments and high-output sources like keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, and laptops, to name a few.
Thanks to its massive headroom and switchable attenuation pad, the DM3 can handle the roaring output of a 10,000-watt solid-state power amplifier. Its three-position ground lift switch features a unique “on+” setting reducing not only buzz and hum but also undesirable radio interference noise efficiently.
With a lockable ¼” input jack, the DM3 provides a secure connection in the most demanding, fast-paced live or recording environments where snags can happen.
Built with a robust, all-metal housing and an inline form factor to save precious space, the DM3 is less of a box and more of a compact all-rounder (pun intended).
It certainly is the key to great sound!