Sabian HHX Evolution Promotional Cymbal Set

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Dark, Fast, and Shimmering, Sabian Evolution Series Cymbals are Brimming with Musicality
High-Fidelity Sound from the Brain of Dave Weckl
When Dave Weckl and Sabian teamed up to create the Evolution series, the idea was to create a dark, shimmering, thin cymbal that would literally explode with the touch of a finger. What resulted was a sound as electric as Dave's playing itself.

-Designed w/ Dave Weckl
-Modern Dark Sound
-Expressive and Biting
-Crisp and Defined

SABIAN Cast B20 Alloy
Crafted from a centuries-old recipe, pure SABIAN B20 Bronze is the pinnacle of casting material as it pertains to cymbal crafting. It's precise formula of Bronze, Tin, and Silver provides a wide range of frequency, making it easily the most musical casting produced.

Brilliant Finish / Pinpoint Lathing
A highly polished, brilliant finish for extra glassy texture and high end shimmer. Our modern pinpoint lathing creates a faster explosive sound with a quicker response.

Hand Hammered
Each strike adds an extra layer of complexity to the texture of these warm bodied instruments. Our skilled Artisans hit these 3,000 times before a drummer strikes it once.