Red Panda Remote 4 Button Footswitch

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Red Panda Remote 4 Button Footswitch Tensor remote switch with 4 modes to access presets and pedal functions. Scribble strips above each switch can be labeled with a Sharpie and erased using isopropyl alcohol. Connects to the Tensor or Particle 2 via a 1/4 TRS cable (included). The Tensor firmware needs to be version 1.1 or later (available here). The Remote 4 does not require power. Loop Sampler (Remote Mode 3) Mode 3 is designed to use the Tensor as a loop sampler with live loop manipulation. Switches A-C control loop record, overdub, play, and retrigger functions. Switch 4 toggles between the current knob settings and the default (normal playback settings). For example, you can set SPEED to reverse and PITCH to -1 octave for instant access to reverse and half-speed effects. See the user's manual for complete details. Red Panda Remote 4 Button Footswitch Features: Start with the pedal powered on and nothing plugged into the CTRL port. Hold the right footswitch while plugging in the remote switch. The right LED will blink yellow 3 times to indicate it is in CTRL configuration mode. You can release the right footswitch and begin configu-ration immediately. Press one of the buttons on the remote switch to select a mode. Hold the right footswitch for 2 seconds to save the configuration. The right LED will blink green to indicate that the configuration has been saved.