Pearl Matt McGuire 14" x 6.5" Tour Edition Signature Snare Drum (MM1465S/C)

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Introducing the World's First "Smart" Snare drum. Matt McGuire's Pearl Signature Snare Drum is made to bring the arena-filling sound Matt demands for The Chainsmokers to any drummer that plays it. Its unique tonal bite comes from a 1mm Rolled Steel shell that features 30 reinforced 1/3" vents around the bottom edge. This unique design enhances snare response; channeling the force of each hit through its 6.5" deep chamber and outward in every direction like a shock wave. Its powdercoated Matte Black finish further tempers its uniquely bright tone, and Pearl's reliably durable SuperHoop II 2.3mm Hoops and CL Bridge Lugs add weight for increased projection. This Tour Edition of Matt's snare not only includes two additional badges featuring The Chainsmokers logo and Matt's Signature, it is also imbedded with NFC Chip technology. A simple tap with any Smartphone instantly unlocks exclusive content created by Matt himself.

-Tour Edition Snare Drum with two Chain Smokers logo Badges and Matt's Signature
-1mm unbeaded Steel Shell powder coated in Matte Black
-30 Shell Vents create more yielding feel, increased snare response, and uni-directional sonic projection
-Chrome Hardware includes SuperHoop II 2.3mm Hoops, SR017 Strainer, and Chrome CL
-Bridge Lugs
-Evans B14G1RD Power Centre (5" dot) Batter Head