Pearl HWP-830, 830 Series Hardware Pack

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The Pearl HWP-830 Hardware Pack is a drum hardware set that includes a BC-830 Cymbal Boom Stand, a C-830 Cymbal Stand, a H-830 Hi-Hat Stand, a S-830 Snare Drum Stand and a P-930 Single Pedal. All of the items within this hardware pack are double-braced and highly stable. Suitable for entry-level applications, this high-quality hardware offers a reliable and competent performance for stage and studio use.

The main features of the Pearl HWP-830 Hardware Pack include:
-BC-830 Cymbal Boom Stand
-C-830 Cymbal Stand
-H-830 HiHat Stand
-S-830 Snare Drum Stand
-P-930 Single Pedal