Pearl Duoluxe DUX1465BR 14"x6.5" Chrome Over Brass Inlaid Snare Drum

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The Pearl DuoLuxe Chrome-over-Brass 14"x6.5" Snare Drum with twin Nicotine White Marine Pearl (#405) Inlays was created to celebrate three-quarters of a century of iconic drumming sounds and sciences. Pearl presents DuoLuxe, a modern take on the legendary "inter-planetary" snare drum sound.

With the look and rigidity of their trademark dual inverted shell beads, Pearl takes the chrome-over-brass alloy shell of the classic Jupiter snare and inlays it with two finish bands of Nicotine White Marine Pearl. This gives the shell a singular look and adds tonal control to its unbridled sound. The classic BSL "Battleship" Lugs, smooth SR017 Strainer, and solid 2.3mm SuperHoop II triple-flanged hoops balance out the package; for classically graceful drumming charisma.

Dual-Beaded Chrome/Brass Shell.
Classic BSL Lugs.
SR017 Snare Strainer.
Expressive, brassy tonality with a punchy attack and smooth overtones.
Twin Nicotine White Marine Pearl Twin Inlays.
Lifetime Warranty