Paiste Masters Collection Crisp Ride 22"

Paiste Masters Collection Crisp Ride 22"

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The Twenty Masters Collection is an assemblage of exquisite and laboriously hand- manufactured cymbals made of CuSn20 bronze to achieve superior sound ideals in various musical genres. The eleven ride models integrate the experience of the decades long art of cymbal making with the inspirations of international top drummers.

Fairly bright, rich, open, warm. Wide range, fairly clean mix. Even, controllable feel with quick response. Crisp, clear stick sound over a rich, warm wash. All-purpose ride cymbal suitable for a broad range of musical styles.

Developed in co-operation with session great Ndugu Chancler.

Sizes: 22"
Weight: medium
Volume: medium low to medium loud
Stick Sound: fairly pronounced, crisp
Intensity: lively
Sustain: medium long
Bell Character: fairly separated, strong