Paiste 2002 Cup Chime 7.5"

Paiste 2002 Cup Chime 7.5"

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The legendary cymbals that defined the sound of generations of drummers since the early days of Rock. The present 2002 is built on the foundation of the original classic cymbals and is expanded by modern sounds for today's progressive popular music.

Bright, warm, full, brilliant.
Wide range, clean mix.
Soft, extremely responsive.
Explosive, shattering, glassy attack with modulating warm, full, long fade.

Features an exotic, very dominant center tone with lively, flanging over- and undertones. 
Well suited for upside down mounting over a ride bell.

Sizes: 7.5"
Weight: medium
Volume: soft to medium loud
Stick Sound: dry, pingy
Intensity: lively
Sustain: long
Bell Character: full, loud