Paiste 20" Alpha Brilliant Rock Crash

Paiste 20" Alpha Brilliant Rock Crash

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This Paiste Alpha Rock Crash Cymbal features a brilliant finish with a very bright, full, glassy, and shimmering character. It has a wide range, clear mix, and fairly giving feel-a standard rock crash cymbal.

Alpha cymbals were first launched by Paiste in 1992. Today, the Alpha brand is synonymous with dependability, and the cymbals are well known for their first-class sound and fair prices. The Paiste Alpha Series is now available in a Brilliant Finish, once again advancing these trusted qualities.

The brilliant look is accomplished by skilled craftsmen who hand polish the crash cymbals to a mirror perfect finish in the final production stage. Prior to that, top-notch hi-tech processes give Alpha rock crash cymbals their initial shape and strength. They are further enhanced by traditional hand-hammering.

Paiste Alpha cymbals have become very popular among professional artists, especially in rock and metal. Working with such drummers, Paiste developed new cymbal models to expand the arsenal available for players in these genres.

Paiste cymbals from the Alpha Series have developed a strong following in recent years and are today endorsed by numerous working drummers all over the world, such as Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch, Jason Sutter with Chris Cornell, Dave Witte of Municipal Waste, Tommy Portimo of Sonata Arctica, and Steven Spence of Black Tide.

Weight: medium-heavy
Volume: medium to loud
Stick sound: silvery, washy
Intensity: lively
Sustain: long
Bell character: big, fairly separated