MXL Ribbon Microphone - XLR Connector - Chrome/Gold (MXLR77)

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Are you ready to add another valuable microphone to your collection? The MXL R144 Ribbon microphone is known for its rich and warm sound. This microphone is ideal for recording guitars, vocals, and brass. It features a figure-8 polar pattern that delivers a naturally organic sound and emphasis a smooth characteristic. Included with the microphone are a black shock mount, a carrying case, and a cleaning cloth.

The MXL R77 is a classic ribbon microphone that delivers unbelievably natural sound and stunning realism to vocal and instrument recordings. Powerful and versatile, the R77 incorporates a Figure-8 polar pattern for extended sweet spots as well as a 1. 8-micron aluminum ribbon for smooth lows and natural highs. Manufactured with premium materials, the R77 performs beautifully on vocals, acoustic instruments, strings, horns and can handle the most demanding broadcast applications.

Microphone Type Ribbon Velocity Microphone:
Ribbon Element: 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon
Frequency Range: 20Hz -18kHz
Polar Pattern: Figure-8
Sensitivity: -55 dB (0 dB=1V/Pa)
Impedance: 270 ohms
Max SPL for 0.1% THD: >135 dB @1 kHz