Meinl Sonic Energy Kalimba Thumb Piano, 17 Steel Keys with Hollow Mahogany Body — C Major Scale

Meinl Sonic Energy Kalimba Thumb Piano, 17 Steel Keys with Hollow Mahogany Body — C Major Scale

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There are instruments that don't require perfectionism to sound great. If you're not a musician, here's your first lesson.

Within a scale (musical notes ordered by pitch), you are free to make any decision on what to play, and the notes will always be in sync. Using this principle, the Meinl Sonic Energy Kalimbas (also called thumb pianos) are pre-tuned to a single scale so you can create music with no prior training or massive learning curve, which means no worrying about wrong notes.

It's this easy—pluck the steel keys with your thumbs in any order or combination to create a melody or chord. These kalimbas are also painless to learn songs on, and their pre-tuned C Major scale allows you to play anything from classical pieces to lullabies. But ease of use is only part of the story.

A light, airy sound full of depth, body and delicate articulation is the hallmark of Meinl Sonic Energy Kalimbas—and their distinct sound can be used so many ways.

From music to meditation
The great thing about Meinl Sonic Energy Kalimbas, besides their accessibility to anyone, is their ability to create a calming effect on your senses.

Right away, you'll feel a soothing, ambient tone fill the space around you as you pluck the steel tines (or keys). The top grade materials we use deliver a pleasant and pure sound that has the power to shift your focus and clear your mind.

End of day ritual or sound immersion experience
Play the kalimba to help reduce anxiety or stress before going to sleep. For sound practitioners, you can incorporate these kalimbas into sound baths or meditation sessions. Yoga instructors may find them useful for signaling a change in pose. Of course, musicians can have their fun with them too.

Meinl Sonic Energy Hollow Body Kalimba tech specs:
-Pre-tuned to C Major scale (easy for non-musicians and musicians alike)
-Hollow wooden resonating body (5.3" W x 1.3" H x 7.3" D)
-Large sound port on front for a filling tone
-Two mini sound ports on the back side for airflow & better resonance
-Available in maple/acacia blend, mahogany, acacia and maple
-17 solid steel tines (keys) in chrome plated finish
-Embossed notes for easy navigation while learning songs
-Includes travel case, tuning hammer, cotton storage bag and microfiber cleaning cloth