Meinl Pure Alloy Traditional Hi Hat Pair 14"

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Traditionally Crafted for a Classic Sound When you're a company as radical as Meinl Cymbals, a push toward the traditional can be a refreshing twist. So it is with the Meinl Pure Alloy 14" hi-hats. These cymbals look to the past with fully lathed surfaces and traditional craftsmanship, for a look and response that's closer to yesterday's plates. This hi-hat pair boasts a defined chick to keep up with today's live music and a full, shimmery wash to blast your beats into the stratosphere. The full tonal spectrum is present in the Meinl Pure Alloy 14" hi-hats: not just a brilliant top, but real air-moving SPLs and a velvety midrange for a connection you can feel with every stroke. Traditional, fully lathed surfaces Fully lathed surfaces are a big departure from the raw, earthy cymbals Meinl is best known for today. This process gives the Meinl Pure Alloy hi-hats a higher wash-to-stick ratio — more like traditional cymbals — for a sweet, lingering sustain.

Meinl Cymbals Pure Alloy 14" Hi-Hats Embodies the look and response of history's most cherished cymbals
Made from B20 bronze with time-proven traditional craftsmanship
Less dry than the Byzance series
Fully lathed surfaces offer a higher wash-to-stick ratio
Penetrating chick
Full, velvety wash
Air-moving pump
Protected by a 2-year manufacturer warranty