Meinl Classics Custom Dual 20" / 22" Ride Cymbals - Dark and Brilliant Finish

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20” / 22" Classics Custom Dual ride — the Classics Custom Dual ride delivers a dry stick attack with bright bell and easy to control wash that supports the cymbal with a warm undertow of sound — its dark tone is met with a nice give to its feel for crash-riding
Dual finish — a dark center along with deep over-hammering gives the cymbal the ability to punch through with a dark and bold character — lathed and highly polished edges soften the feel and create a flash of clean, high frequencies to round out the sound
Wide dynamic reach — Classics Custom Dual cymbals lift and shape your sound largely through their ability to speak musically through both energetic and laid back dynamics — a warm fundamental tone and complex pitch dials up nuance and sophistication
Made from B12 bronze alloy — consisting of 88% copper and 12% tin, B12 bronze is a solid, reliable alloy with uniform sound that packs a punch and cuts through dense mixes while being easy to control through all volume levels
Flexible feel — these cymbals speak clearly without feeling stiff or choked, especially when played at loud volumes, and this is due, in part, by the thinner brilliant edge — their spirited response and outstanding feel will draw you in as you play
Made in Germany with 100% renewable energy — Classics Custom Dual cymbals are made in our German factory with a lathe formed profile, extra hammering, wide blade lathing and a dark/brilliant finish — we use 100% renewable energy to make our cymbals