Meinl Cymbals Classics Custom Dark Cymbal Box Set - Free 18" Crash

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This Classics Custom Dark cymbal set features a pair of 14" Dark hi-hats, a 16" Dark crash, a 20" Dark ride, and a FREE 18" Dark crash. The extra deep hammering on these cymbals darkens and dries the tone while adding complexity to their aggressive, yet dark and warm sound. Perfect for power or fusion players. They are made in Germany from B10 bronze alloy, feature a lathe formed profile and dark finish.

Quantity: 4 Cymbals
Material: B10
Features: 1x CC14DAH
Features: 1x CC16DAC
Features: 1x CC20DAR
Features: 1x CC18DAC
Character: Musical, Rich
Pitch: High-Mid
Volume: Medium
Lathe: Wide Blade
Shaping: Pressure Point Technology & Computerized Hammering

Series: Classic Custom Dark Series
Type: Crash, Hihat, Ride
Size: 14", 16", 18", 20"