Meinl Cymbals Artist Concept Model Thomas Lang Super Stack 18"/18"

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One of the Most Versatile Stacks You'll Buy The Meinl Thomas Lang Super Stack proves that cymbal stacks aren't always one-dimensional. This 18" cymbal from the Meinl Artist Concept series radiates warmth, depth, and icy cut depending on where you strike it. Its perforated china top and crash bottom, outfitted in a brilliant finish, pack a midrange bark at the shoulder and a sensitive hi-hat slosh at the edge for more subdued applications. The length of the decay can be further dialed in via wing nut tension, allowing for time-critical applications in the studio. Whatever your needs, the Meinl Super Stack conforms to your dynamics — capable of tremendous cut when you need it and laying back when you don't.  

Meinl Cymbals 18" Thomas Lang Fat Stack Versatile 18" cymbal stack with china top Striking design and graphics Developed for studio veteran and educator Thomas Lang (Kylie Minogue, Peter Gabriel) Packs a china bite and hi-hat slosh depending on where you strike it Super dynamic — cuts when you need it, lays back when you don't Wing nut tension dials in sustain length Perforated top and bottom cymbals dry out decay