Meinl Cymbals Artist Concept Model Luke Holland Bullet Stack 16"/12"

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Bullet Heat and Speed Luke Holland's contribution to the Meinl Artist Concept series is a fast, spectral cymbal stack with a china bite. The 16" Bullet Stack perfects the time-honored tradition of stacking a splash on top of a crash. You get the fierce, fiery cut of a brilliant top to balance the neutral decay of the traditional-finished bottom. Both cymbals are maximally perforated for a fast, trashy attack that's gone the second you let up. This suits the Luke Holland Bullet Stack not just for accents, but timekeeping as well.

Meinl Cymbals 16"/12" Luke Holland Bullet Stack 16"/12" cymbal stack

The splash/crash stack perfected Developed for YouTube drumming sensation Luke Holland Fast and fiery — like a bullet Great for accents and timekeeping Disappears the second you let up Traditional and brilliant surfaces offer cut and a neutral decay Perforated top and bottom eliminate overtones