Meinl Cymbals 16” Trash China with Holes – HCS Traditional Finish Brass

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This is the sweetest moment of all. The first time you sit down at a drum set is nothing short of life-changing. It's the kind of experience that stays with you forever, and it's no wonder why.

The way the hihats open and close, the fortress of toms and cymbals—it's mind opening, especially for young players. In this moment, your set has to feel just right.

Meinl HCS cymbals are crafted to deliver crystal clear sounds with major advantages that put you steps ahead. Here's how.

Match your heroes—HCS cymbals have the largest selection of standard AND effects cymbals in the brass range for serious sounds and looks to match your favorite drummers' setups
Made in Germany—crafted in our state-of-the-art facility in Germany where we hold our cymbals to the highest standard of sound, feel, quality and creativeness
Durable and musical brass alloy—these cymbals are expertly made out of a strong brass alloy that responds with a clear tone and balanced sustain
Modern sounds fit any style—from crisp hihats that "chick", cutting rides that "ping" and trash crashes that deliver bite and energy, HCS cymbals give you the ability to play any style music
Hihat cymbals: the #1 most important cymbals for ANY drum set
If you're ready to play but don't have much direction or influence yet, you are going to want to begin with hihat cymbals. Hihats, along with bass and snare drum, form the most basic time-keeping "ingredients" needed for drum set playing. Hihats are a pair of cymbals mounted on a pedal activated stand that brings them in contact with each other (imagine a "chick" sound).

Meinl HCS hihats (sold as a pair) are specially weighted so the bottom cymbal is slightly heavier than the top cymbal.

Why does this matter?

Having the weight arranged this way enhances the crisp "chick" sound the hihats create while giving them a better feel. Look for the "top" and "bottom" stamps to know which goes where on your stand.