Meinl Classics Custom Dual 19" / 20" Crash Cymbals - Dark and Brilliant Finish

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This would have been a bad call. Combining finishes from two popular cymbal series and calling it something else would be incredibly shallow of us.

And why keep our other lines if we just add them together to make the best of both worlds?

These cymbals are almost hypnotic, and they do look like a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

But because we maintain that every Meinl cymbal has to have its own alluring spark or it doesn't belong, we had a deeper intent here.

What about combining darkness, power and warmth with flexibility and shimmer along with an easily controllable and adaptable volume?

The name "Dual" alludes to an intermingled sound and feel that embraces all of those elements.

Warmer fundamental tone
Classics Custom Dual cymbals are made of B12 bronze alloy with a highly specialized finish that brings out a warmer fundamental tone and response that can sit down in a mix or jump to life when energy lifts. Just like we do with B8, B10 or B20, we used B12 to fit a very specific sound, feel and intensity that's accentuated by the unique finish.

More about that finish you've been staring at
Having the dark center—along with deep over-hammering—gives the cymbals the ability to punch through with a dark and bold character. Lathed and highly polished edges soften the feel and create a flash of clean, high frequencies to round out the sound.

The result is a blend of warmth, darkness and shimmering response that feels at home across many styles.

Classics Custom Dual rides give you a dry stick attack with a bright bell and easy to control wash that supports the cymbal with a warm undertow of sound. Their darker response is met with a nice give to their feel so they can really open up when crash-riding.

Crashes are equally as easy to open up with a bold, dark punch on the front end and a shimmering blend of smooth highs to make them sing without being glassy or overpowering.