Meinl Classics Custom Dark 14" Hi Hat - Pair

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With an epic character you define in a moment’s notice, these are not your standard power cymbals
We’ve all been there. Your energy is soaring. Maybe you're with a band, and everyone is really clicking, or you've reached the height of your practice session.

You hit the last chorus of the song, and it feels like it's time to rip open the roof above you.

There's no holding back now.

And once it's done, that's when it hits you—you aren't worn out because you haven't been playing through your cymbals. Your sticks may be chewed to pieces but you didn't lose touch with nuance and complexity along the way.

You sat comfortably on top of the mix with a serious punch but without overpowering with a glassy ring.

The best part? You're still ENERGIZED.

This is how we started making Classics Custom Dark cymbals. We put ourselves in the driver's seat and asked how we can get to this feeling. We wanted all the great things that come with power, along with a dialed-in sustain and a shadowy mosaic of complex sound.

Wave goodbye to bright overtones—it's going to get dark.

Meinl Classics Custom Dark tech specs
B10 bronze alloy (90% copper / 10% tin)
Extra deep hammering
Lathe formed profile
Dark finish
Aggressive, yet dark and warm
For power or fusion players
Large selection of standard and effects cymbals
Made in Germany