Meinl Byzance Jazz 20" Medium Thin Traditional Crash (B20JMTC)

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Byzance Jazz offers a deep well of expressive cymbals that draw players in. The hihats have a smooth and subtle response, and the crashes are known for a buttery feel that only develops from their hand hammered profiles and lathed surfaces. In addition, many unique and complex ride cymbals have been created within this line to help you find your voice behind the kit. These cymbals are made in Turkey from cast B20 bronze and hand hammered into shape by skilled Turkish cymbal smiths.

-Hand hammered in Turkey from cast B20 bronze alloy — The Byzance 20” Jazz Medium Thin Crash dishes out a cushioned attack with a dark crescendo of undertone along with a warm sustain to give you a reactive crash brimming with character
-Medium thin weight — Byzance Jazz Medium Thin Crashes have an elastic touch at any dynamic level — they deliver punch when you need them to and can easily sit back in lower volume settings while maintaining their superb feel
-Refined warm sound — the clean, yet warm and dark tone of Byzance Jazz cymbals comes from a combination of their thin weight and extensively hand hammered B20 alloy — the surface is fully lathed to perfection to give them a smooth response
-Not only for jazz players — their fully lathed surfaces and dark character are ideal for jazz, but these cymbals are at home in any style where effortless touch and complex tone are “must haves”
-Modern versatility rooted in tradition — hand hammered into shape in Turkey using B20 bronze, Meinl Byzance cymbals are deeply rooted in traditional cymbal crafting methods, yet their old-world background is dialed-in to 21st century needs