Meinl Byzance Dark Cymbal Set with FREE 16 in. Vintage Trash Crash

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Byzance Dark Cymbal Set with FREE 16 in. Vintage Trash Crash Byzance Dark cymbals are hand hammered into shape by Meinl cymbal artisans in Turkey using B20 bronze alloy. Their tone is dark and so is their oven-blackened look, delivering well-defined stick definition with an earthy growl.
This set includes a 14 in. Dark Hi Hat pair, an 18 in. Dark Crash, a 20 in. Dark Ride, plus a FREE 16 in. Byzance Vintage Sand Series Trash Crash.
The unique sonic qualities of this set are ideal for music where dark tone and articulation are at the top of the 'must have' list. Byzance Dark cymbals have untreated surfaces on both sides and extensive hammering to produce shadowy and intense sounds. For a different flavor to the mix of this set up, dig in with the FREE 16 in. trash crash. Part of the Byzance Vintage line, this cymbal has a sand blasted surface to bring out a warm, dry, and vintage tone with a super smooth wash. It cuts with clarity and delivers a super human buttery wash.
Together with the dark finishes, this hand hammered set of Byzance cymbals are sure to stay on your kit as your tastes and styles evolve with time.