Meinl Byzance Vintage Chris Coleman Signature 21" Ride Cymbal

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The C2 (C Squared) ride was designed in collaboration with Meinl Cymbals artist Chris Coleman, and it perfectly blends the elements that Chris needed from multiple ride cymbals into a versatile yet powerful 21” ride cymbal. Starting with a heavy blank, the bow is worked into to a high profile; this combination of weight and shape work together to accentuate the desired stick articulation and presence. The holes around the edge are an uncommon feature found on ride cymbals, but they were added to control the wash and sustain that larger cymbals generate and to further augment the definition Chris desired to stand out in the mix. While the bell is thick enough to cut through any band, the hand-hammering gives it a warm and earthy tonality for a more musical punch. The overall extraordinary look of this cymbal with its raw, unlathed surface and holes combined with its intense sound will make everyone take notice when you add it to your kit. Chris Coleman: “I wanted something I could use for a lot of things so I don’t have to carry multiple ride cymbals with me every time I play. I can cover a lot of ground with this ride, and it just does everything I need it to do and sits well in the mix too.”

B20 bronze alloy
Hand hammered for an unique sound
Holes around the edge to control wash and sustain
Cymbal Type: Ride
Weight: Heavy
Size: 21″

Music Style: Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Studio, World, Electro
Pitch: Low
Character: Vintage, Dry
Timbre: Dark
Volume: Medium to Low
Lathe: None
Sustain: Medium to Short