Meinl Byzance 20" Brilliant Medium Crash (B20MC-B)

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Hand hammered in Turkey from cast B20 bronze alloy — the Byzance 20” Medium Crash responds with an up front, yet nuanced attack with a shimmering sustain blanketed by warm tone — the end result is a classic brilliant cymbal loaded with texture
Reflective shine — Byzance Brilliant cymbals are fully lathed for a classic sound before the surface is buffed to a brilliant shine — this finish tones down high frequencies for a wash that sits more underneath your mix when compared to traditional finish
Medium weight — Byzance medium weight crashes deliver plenty of punch with a sustain that does not linger or fade away too quickly — depending on your dynamics, the connection you will feel is a great blend of delicateness and power
Blossoming tonality — roaring to life and finding a comfortable spot in your mix, Byzance Brilliant cymbals have a reactive touch that extends through any dynamic level you put them through
Modern versatility rooted in tradition — hand hammered into shape in Turkey using cast B20 bronze, Meinl Byzance cymbals are deeply rooted in traditional cymbal crafting methods, yet their old-world background is dialed-in to 21st century needs