Kbrakes Kick Drum Slide Prevention Technology

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KBrakes are an anchoring system for a kick drum (on a drum set) that keeps the drum in place while it’s being played. The kick drum is the biggest drum and sits on the floor and is played by pressing down on a foot pedal that is attached to the back drum hoop. By pressing down on the pedal it pushes the beater forward causing the beater to strike the head of the  drum, making a very low but loud bass tone.   The problem: Kick drums slide forward and away from the drummer as they are being played. Even though 99% of drums are played on carpet this still happens. There are 2 anchored spikes on the spurs (legs) that come on every kick drum that are meant to anchor and stabilize the drum. Even on the best carpet sometimes the kick drum will still creep, walk or slide forward. Designed to stop your kick drum from moving, shifting, or sliding away as you play. 256 stopping points per side and locks your kick drum firmly in place. Capable of rotating a full 180°, KBrakes lay perfectly flat and can stay attached to your drum while being packed in its case. This unique design fits 99% of modern and vintage drum spurs and is "low profile", making them blend with the rest of your kit. With a total of 512 stopping points, KBrakes is the most dynamic and powerful kick drum anchor in the world. Kbrakes are the best solution to hold the bass anchors inplace, this will keep your bass drum in place well playing the kit. Kbrakes is the sloution to keep you from saling away drumming.