Jay Weinberg Signature "First Blood" Practice Pad

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Jay Weinberg Signature "First Blood" Practice Pad
Sharpen your skills on this playable Jay Weinberg art piece from SJC Custom Drums! Far from your average piece of practice gear, this customized pad is perfect for any drummer seeking to hone their
craft, in the style of one of metal’s premier sticksmen!

- Original Artwork by Jay Weinberg
- 8" durable rubber playing surface, 10" total diameter
- Non-slip backing keeps pad in place
- Threaded mount for stand installation

“As drummers, practice and exercise are vital components of our craft. The pursuit of our own sound begins with our passion for the music, and it’s up to us to evolve, learn, and grow along the way. I’m very excited to introduce "First Blood" — a collaboration with SJC that brings together two of my greatest passions: drumming and art.
I’ve had a few practice pads over the last 16 years. They've always taken on quite a brutal visual character, with practice and the passage of time...as everything does. My hope, if "first blood" is in your arsenal, is that you practice hard and often; to shred into the center of that rubber disc until the artwork within it fractures apart. Because, then, it’s not just my art that’s gone into making it. We’re creating an original piece together — only evidenced by the hard work that you put into it.
We — the drummers, the rhythm-ists, the timekeepers — are born with an instinct for impact. Enjoy ‘First Blood’ as you use that instinct to develop the ideas that you want to translate onto the drums."- Jay
Weinberg - [Slipknot] Best Metal Drummer, 2020 MusicRadar Best In Drums Poll.