Gibraltar Rack (GCS200H)

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The GCS200H Chrome Series Universal Rack is a height adjustable, straight rack with a 43.5-inch cross bar. Each of the two 20-inch vertical legs has an 18-inch telescoping extender bar with a notched numbering system for precise setups, gig after gig without cutting bars. Use for drum sets, keyboards and DJ rigs and perform sitting or standing.

Consists of (2) 20-inch vertical bars with 1-1/4-inch RMAA tube end clamps, (2) 18-inch extender bar with notec numbering system, (1) 43-1/2 inch straight horizontal bar, (2) GCSQCLTLA large T leg assembly, (2) GCRA right angle clamps, (2) GCML slip on memory locks

-Two-post height adjustable straight rack with a 43. 5 inch cross bar. It utilizes 20-inch vertical legs with an 18-inch telescoping extender bar.
-The extender bar has 14-inch of Vertical adjustability, with a notched number system, making it very easy to achieve your exact height every time.
-Designed to work with keyboards, DJ, drums, hand percussion, adjust the height to play sitting or standing.
-Height range from 26-inches to 41-inches.