Gibraltar Floating Snare Drum Stand (GCFSS)

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Gibraltar's Floating Snare Stand is designed to mount a snare drum to your rack without touching the floor - while also eliminating tripod-base clutter around your feet. Equipped with a 14 inch. telescoping base, and Gibraltar's Ultra Adjust snare basket, this truly legless stand will extend from 21 inch. to 26 inch.. The Floating Snare Stand connects to a 1.5 inch. diameter bar using the SC-GCSAR Adjustable Right Angle clamp. Easily mounts to the leg of a front rack to attach your main snare, or use it to add an auxiliary snare on a side rack. This basket is designed with a 360 degree, rotating geared tilter which allows you to dial in the precise angle when mounted. Memory locks are included to memorize positioning for fast, accurate set-up every time.