Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest

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This heavy duty, double braced throne is built to withstand the roughest treatment. The durable, vinyl motorcycle-style top has thigh cutouts and memory foam, allowing maximum mobility and comfort. Adjust the height by spinning the top in either direction and lock it in place. The adjustable backrest provides lower back support for long playing sessions.

Throne Top
-Saddle seat with cordura top and vinyl edges
-Top grade memory foam for maximum comfort

Height Adjustment
-Threaded height adjustment with memory lock
-Height range: 20" to 26"

Double Bracing
-Super foot solid foundation
-Rock solid double braced tripod

Moto Throne
-GBR adjustable backrest
-Top dimensions: 16-3/4” W x 14-3/4”D x 4-3/4”H