Gibraltar 4700PK 4700 Series Drum Hardware Package

Gibraltar 4700PK 4700 Series Drum Hardware Package

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The 4700PK hardware pack includes the 4709 hideaway boom stand, 4710 straight cymbal stand, 4707 hi-hat stand, 4706 snare stand, and 4711 chain drive single pedal.

=4706 adjustable snare drum stand
=4707 Hi-hat stand
=4709 hideaway boom cymbal stand
=4710 straight cymbal stand
=4711 single chain-drive pedal

 The Gibraltar 4706 Snare Stand is double braced and low mass providing great stability while being light weight. This snare stand is built toast with nylon inserts at contact points and cast hinged height adjustments. The 4706 gives you all this at an unbelievably low price.

Gibraltar 4707 Hi Hat Stand
The Gibraltar 4707 Hi-Hat Stand has a solid feel that is hard to find in other affordable hi-hat stands. The deluxe hi-hat clutch, double braced legs and hinged height adjustment make this a great stand for beginner and pro alike.

Gibraltar 4709 Boom Cymbal Stand
The Gibraltar 4709 Cymbal Boom Stand is double braced with cast hinged height adjustments. This sturdy stand can put your cymbals exactly where they need to be without breaking the bank. The 4709 features a hide away boom with fine tooth adjustments. This boom stand is perfect for beginners or the seasoned pro.

Gibraltar 4710 Straight Cymbal Stand
The Gibraltar 4710 straight cymbal stand is double braced with hinged height adjustments. Made with nylon inserts for greater durability.

The 4711 Single Chain Drive single bass drum pedal is a simple and fast pedal, styled with the "G" style pedal board and hammer dual surface beater this pedals delivers speed and ease of us