G7th Performance 3 Capo with ART (Steel String Satin Black)

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G7th Performance 3 Capo with ART
Featuring groundbreaking patented* Adaptive Radius Technology and coupled with the Unique Tension Control system found on all Performance series capos, the Performance 3 is our flagship capo.

Unique Tension Control system - the patented** simple intuitive squeeze-on, squeeze-off action means you can easily and quickly move the capo from fret to fret, or from guitar to guitar without any adjustment needed: just squeeze for optimum tension
Almost as fast to position as a simple spring capo – but faster, because you don't need to retune
Wrap around silicone rubber protects your neck from metal to wood contact
Safeguards your tone thanks to firm string pad material that reduces vibration damping
Extremely versatile - works instantly on any acoustic or electric steel string guitar
Stores easily on the headstock or just behind the nut when not in use
*Patent number US20180102113
**Patent number US20010027711

Adaptive Radius Technology - one capo for a perfect fit on most any guitar
Exclusively found in the G7th Performance 3 and Heritage capos, our most recent innovation is the patented Adaptive Radius Technology (ART) string pad. This groundbreaking string pad mechanically adapts to match the curvature over the strings (radius) on any guitar, delivering unrivalled tuning stability. With ART technology, one capo delivers complete confidence that there will be no string buzz or need for constant retuning.

G7th Performance 3 Capo clutch diagram
Unique Tension Control - for perfect pressure
Since the launch of the first Performance capo in 2004, our patented unique Tension Control system has been praised by guitarists all over the world - simply squeeze to attach the capo with the minimum pressure required, then squeeze the lever to release. Easy and intuitive, and exclusive to the G7th Performance capo ranges.