DW DWCPMDD Machined Direct Drive Single Bass Drum Pedals

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If you've never played a direct-drive bass drum pedal, you need to try DW's DWCPMDD. DW packed years of meticulous engineering into the DWCPMDD, and it shows. Machined from solid aluminum, the DWCPMDD gives you smooth, effortless action, courtesy of DW's innovative Fulcrum Geometry linkage. In fact, it's loaded with cool, drummer-centric features such as a perforated footboard with contoured heel plate, interlocking Delta hinge, Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe-Clamp, Vertical Sliding Spring Adjustment, control beater with adjustable weight/impact, and more. If you've been wondering what a direct-drive kick pedal can do for your drumming, you'll find the definitive answer in the DW DWCPMDD.

In the design of the DWCPMDD, DW reconsidered the role of the bass drum pedal in the kit. What do you want from your pedal? Fluidity, first of all. You want it to be an extension of your body, your mind — or preferably, your subconscious! As a driver of the music, it needs to be ultra-responsive, and the direct-drive DWCPMDD certainly is that. Whether you're feathering kicks in your jazz combo or driving a djent juggernaut, the DWCPMDD can ace the gig. We realize that kick pedals are highly personal, but the DWCPMDD is so outstanding, it deserves your serious consideration.