DW Collector's Series Pi Snare Drums - 3.14 x 14 inch - Chrome Hardware (19 Finishes)

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The DW Collector's Pi Maple Snare Drum's depth may not be accurate down to 25 decimal places, but it is articulate enough to give you fathomless definition in a crowded mix. The Pi Snare's piccolo-like depth supplies an extra-wide tuning range; crank it up for that familiar extra-crispy snap, or tune it low for a meaty bottom-end response. Hardware includes 3mm True-Hoops, a fast and quiet Mini-MAG throw-off with 3-position 3P butt plate, and a heaping handful of DW's beloved Mini Dual-Receiver Turret lugs. There's even a special Pi badge to commemorate this one-of-a-kind snare.