Digitech DOD280-14 DOD Compressor 280

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The DOD Compressor 280 (2014). With the DOD 280, you can tame the wildest peaks and even out dynamics between single notes and chords. Deftly tear your way through licks that blend fretted notes and open strings without dramatic changes in volume. Whether you're going' deep country with spankin' clean tone or rattling teeth with staccato-driven riffs, the DOD 280 will add finesse to your picking attack for consistent performances. The DOD Compressor 280 will help you manage the dynamic range of the input signal from your instrument. Compressing your dynamic range will make notes sustain longer, the sound seem tighter and help you avoid clipping the signal going into other effects or your amplifier.

-True bypass
-9V DC power supply jack
-Crisp blue status LED
-Lighter aluminum chassis
-4.63 x 3.19 x 2.13 inches