Dream Energy Crash Cymbal 16"

Dream Energy Crash Cymbal 16"

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Dream Cymbals Energy Crash

Dream Cymbals' Energy Series will help any drummer stand out and play at their best. Rock drummers will love the weight and volume as well as the bright tone. They're well-balanced with an un-lathed bell and Bliss-style micro-lathing. They deliver something that's slightly exotic, but with every characteristic rockers listen for. And, they look amazing! The Energy Crash has the versatility for live or studio playing with both power and definition!

Flexible, quality cymbal sound.
16", 17", 18" models.
Un-lathed bell focuses weight in cymbal center.
Loud and bright, cuts through in live situations.
Quality and unique sound for recording.
Unique craftsmanship.
The Energy series cymbals feature a unique build process that results in a cymbal that's perfect for rock drummers, while still standing out with just a bit of an exotic timbral uniqueness.

Drummers - play cymbals that let you play like you. Pick up a Dream Cymbals Energy Crash today!Full Features
Choose from 16, 17, and 18 inch models.
Heavier cymbal, un-lathed bell.
Hand-hammered, custom made.
More volume, brighter, but detailed.
Full Specs
Surface: top hat micro lathed, bottom hat unlathed
Bow: medium taper, gradual bridge
Bell: broad, loud, unlathed
Weight: medium to heavy
Hammering: deep hammered hot and cold
Stick: very clear, cutting projection
Wash: extreme power, broad dynamic range, full bodied.