Paiste Signature Duo Ride 20"

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Made from a proprietary signature bronze alloy, the 20" Paiste Signature Duo Ride cymbal delivers multiple zones for a variety of sounds. Designed for Carl Palmer, the 20" Signature Duo Ride offers a lathed zone for lively and crisp sound, while the un-lathed zone is more raw and dry sounding. The bell delivers a loud and piercing sound that will cut through any mix. Carl Palmer loves this cymbal, and says "This is the one. Covers the most demanding players."

Medium bright, full, rich. Wide range, balanced mix. Even response with clear, silvery stick sound supported by full wash. Very musical, general purpose ride with big sound.

Sizes: 20" Weight: medium heavy Volume: soft to loud Stick Sound: evenly balanced Intensity: lively Sustain: long Bell Character: clear, crisp, separated