Paiste PST 8 Cajon Hats 12"

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PST 8 cymbals are crafted from the legendary 2002 bronze, refined through traditional hand hammering and perfected with the unique handmade Reflector finish. These hallmarks of Swiss workmanship make these cymbals pure Paiste instruments, yet they are as attractively priced as the other successful Paiste Sound Technology series.

Bright, crisp. Narrow range, clean mix. Fast, responsive feel. Clear, defined open sound. Strong, tight chick sound. Articulate, dry hi-hat, well suited for percussionists or drummers in acoustic styles. Also fitting as an auxiliary hi-hat.

Sizes: 12" Weight: thin top/medium heavy bottom Volume: low to medium loud Stick Sound: dry, defined, glassy Intensity: fairly lively Sustain: short Chick Sound: tight