Line 6 MM4 Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal

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The Line 6 MM4 Modulation Stompbox Modeler is a single stompbox that packs in models of almost every modulation effect unit you've ever wished you had--16 in all. They include Uni-Vibe, Phase 90, Leslie, CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, MXR Flanger, Dimension D, Tri Stereo Chorus, and many more. You also get 16 factory presets, plus 4 presets for storing your programmed versions, true bypass switching, an expression-pedal input, and stereo inputs and outputs. Controls include Effect Selector, Speed, Depth, Tweak, Tweez, and Mix.

  • 16 vintage delay and echo effects including Tube Echoplex, Space Echo, Deluxe Memory Man, and more
  • Provides for 3 programmable presets
  • Tap tempo control
  • 14 seconds of sample-loop memory
  • True bypass switching
  • Expression pedal input