Gretsch Swamp Dawg Mahogany Snare Drum 8x14"

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The Gretsch Mahogany Swamp Dawg 8 x 14√≠¬´√≠¬¥¢Î√≠¬´√≠√ØÎ√≠¬´¬å¬ù Snare Drum is a truly incredible and versatile snare. This thing is capable of everything from dark, throaty lows to sharp, crisp highs and everything in between. The 6-ply mahogany shell is warm, rich, and full-bodied. It delivers a lush sound that is reminiscent of many drums from the 1950√≠¬´√≠¬¥¢Î√≠¬´√≠√ØÎÈs and 60√≠¬´√≠¬¥¢Î√≠¬´√≠√ØÎÈs. These drums also feature Gretsch√≠¬´√≠¬¥¢Î√≠¬´√≠√ØÎÈs classic 30√≠¬´√≠¬¥äÎç √≠¬´√≠¬¥¢Î√≠¬´√≠√ØÎ√≠¬´√≠√çround-over√≠¬´√≠¬¥¢Î√≠¬´√≠√ØÎ√≠¬´¬å¬ù edges, which help give these drums a fat, full-bodied sound with plenty of attack.

This drum also features 8 tube lugs that help give it a classy, timeless look. Not only do these things look great, but they out perform many of their contemporaries. These lugs will keep your drum in tune, and make it look like something double it√≠¬´√≠¬¥¢Î√≠¬´√≠√ØÎÈs price range. These drums also feature 2.3mm triple-flange which helps make it a bit livelier while also giving it a more vibrant and robust sound. As if all this wasn√≠¬´√≠¬¥¢Î√≠¬´√≠√ØÎÈt enough the folks at Gretsch also put a fully adjustable, classic style throw-off on this snare. It√≠¬´√≠¬¥¢Î√≠¬´√≠√ØÎÈs simple design is easy to use and amazingly functional. With this throw-off you can easily and precisely dial in your snare tension. Not only is it easy to use, but it√≠¬´√≠¬¥¢Î√≠¬´√≠√ØÎÈs also incredibly durable. This thing will stand up to even the hardest hitting of players and get you through your gig.