RhythmTech Cajon (RT5751EB)

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Built for players that prioritize sound in selecting a cajon, the Rhythm Tech Cajon is designed to improve the playing and listening experience. The high quality build includes finely crafted edges for added comfort while playing and a gorgeous ebony faceplate.
The big bass tone in the Rhythm Tech Cajon is thanks to the integrated bass port. Tuned specifically for cajon, this enhancement delivers added low-end tones and volume.
The strong attack in the Rhythm Tech Cajon comes from the fully-adjustable 2-piece snare design. Fine-tune it to your preference for that tone you have been looking for.

Rhythm Tech: Over 35 Years of Innovation in the Percussion Industry
It all started when full-time drummer and percussionist Richard Taninbaum recognized a need for a better tambourine, one that worked with the player instead of against him. From this, the innovative and legendary crescent-shaped Rhythm Tech tambourine was born and has become the most popular instrument of its kind in the world.