DW 5.5" x 14" Design Series Snare Drum - Tobacco Burst

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We've taken our custom drum-making know-how and created a line of drums designed to raise the bar yet again. Design Series is a DW kit through and through. From a newly-designed mini Turret lug, to Remo USA-made Suede "outline" logo heads and a sleek silver and white badge, its looks are fresh, yet decidedly DW. Also included are pro features such as STM� (Suspension Tom Mounts), True-Pitch Tuning, MAG throw-off, low-mass die cast claw hooks, and more. Last but certainly not least, there's the sound. These are thicker North American Maple shells that pack a punch. Incorporating HVLT� (Vertical Low Timbre shell with a horizontal outer ply), Design Series� shells are full, resonant, and responsive.