Drum Workshop DW Collectors Series Time Keeper 6.5x14” Snare Drum

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Collector’s Series “Timekeeper” Snare Drum. Aptly named, the drum is decorated with “Clock and Gear” wood inlays, three hundred and fifty-one individual pieces, to be exact. Each piece of exotic and dyed laser cut material is meticulously hand-inlayed into the 1/36” thick top veneer of a Pure Purpleheart shell.

The 11-ply VLT Pure Purpleheart shell is expertly crafted at the DW California Custom Shop and outfitted with a host of professional features including custom True-Hoops™ with faux leather inlay, True-Tone Snare Wires™, MAG Throw-Off System with 3P butt plate, True-Pitch 50 Tuning™, DW Heads by Remo and more. Finished in limited edition Antique Bronze, the 6.5x14” Santos Rosewood-clad snare is designed to be a playable piece of art.