Meinl Byzance 17" Medium Thin Traditional Crash (B17MTC)

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Starting with hand hammering and following with hand lathing in Turkey, the word “traditional” accurately describes their hand-forged shape and deeply rooted sound. The Traditional series contains our broadest voice for Byzance, with a wide variety of sizes and weights that blend into any musical setting. These cymbals are made in Turkey from cast B20 bronze and are hand hammered into shape by skilled Turkish cymbal smiths.

Fully lathed surfaces — Byzance Traditional cymbals are fully lathed to give them a classic sound and look — some of the deeper hand hammer craters are visible, but the surface has been lathed down to smooth perfection for an effortless touch
Medium thin weight — Byzance medium thin weight crashes deliver a powerful, warm attack with a sustain that crescendos without lingering too long — depending on your dynamics, the connection you will feel is a great blend of delicateness and power
Blossoming tonality — roaring to life and finding a comfortable spot in your mix, Byzance Traditional cymbals have a reactive touch that extends through any dynamic level you put them through
Modern versatility rooted in tradition — hand hammered into shape in Turkey using cast B20 bronze, Meinl Byzance cymbals are deeply rooted in traditional cymbal crafting methods, yet their old-world background is dialed-in to 21st century needs